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Free Apple Watch Apps in 2019

Do you want to know the best free Apple Watch apps for your iOS device?

I bet you do!

Apple Watch is a very smart gadget that makes life easier for us.

However, a smart gadget may not be very helpful without the necessary apps and software.

In this article, you will get a list of awesome apps, for some categories, that will bring the best out of your Watch.

Note: By installing our recommended free Apple Watch Apps, you will experience the best features of your device.

Apple Watch apps for Entertainment and Music

Image contains elements of entertainments and music

Check out our list of the best Entertainment and music apps for your Watch.


Spotify is a great app that lets you listen to your favourite songs anywhere.

Create your awesome playlist and share with your friends. Get access to millions of albums, radio, singles and musicians around the globe.

Please note that the app contains in-app purchases that unlock additional features.

The additional features include:

  • Access to ad-free songs.
  • Sound quality is much better.
  • You can download songs for offline play.


TMZ is a free app for every news buzz. Get the latest breaking news, celebrity gossip, awesome galleries and quality videos. You can also catch up to sport and entertainment highlights on your Apple Watch.


Pandora is a free app for Apple Watch that offers you the best songs and podcast.

Search for your best music, playlist, albums and compilations on your Watch and get access to a wide library of the best audio content.

Pandora is free but can be upgraded to plus or premium version.

The features of the plus version are:

  • Better music and podcast quality.
  • There are no adverts while streaming.
  • Unlimited access to stations and podcast.
  • You can skip and replay your podcast or songs as much as you want.

The features of the premium version are:

  • Play and skip songs and podcasts as much as you want.
  • Download audio content for offline listening.
  • Audio quality is the best.
  • Create an unlimited amount of playlists.
  • There are no ads.

Download the free version for your Watch below.

Fandango (Movie Tickets)

Purchase any movie ticket from Fandango and reserve your day 1 seat for a big movie debut.

Fandango also gives you access to movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes.

Apple Watch Apps for Fitness

an apple user checks the fitness apps on her watch and phone

Are you a bodybuilder? Yoga lover? or a healthy individual?

Check out the list of some awesome fitness apps for your Watch.


This free app helps you lose weight, begin a new diet, start a healthy lifestyle, and tone up your shape.


  • Set and maintain your fitness goals.
  • Track the information about the food you eat.
  • Select from a huge list of workouts to perform.
  • Track your walking steps with the counter.
  • Connect with friends for support and motivation.
  • Share your progress and stats with others.
  • Celebrate your fitness.

Daily Yoga (Fitness, Sleep and Workout)

This free app trains and maintains your yoga skills.

It is super helpful for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through yoga.

Check out some of the cool features of the app below:

  • Huge list of yoga classes, exercises and workouts.
  • Classes and training are built to support beginners and experts.
  • App provides several yoga techniques to keep physically fit and mentally healthy.
  • Stay inspired and motivated by being a part of the app’s huge community.
  • Share your exercise data with Apple health app.
  • Live tutor sessions and HD yoga training videos are available for free.

Fabulous (app for self-care)

Fabulous is a free app that guarantees a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The app hopes to make users more productive, energetic and happy.

By using this app, here are some benefits the developers promise:

  • You will develop good life habits.
  • It will be very easy for you to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.
  • Managing stress will be a cool task for you.
  • You will have better focus and concentration towards life.
  • You will be happy and calm about situations.

The app has coaching features integrated as well as several videos and tutorials on living a better lifestyle that yields happiness and fruitfulness.


This app is a free sleep cycle tracker that maintains a healthy sleep pattern for you.

The app tracks your sleep cycle to let you know if you if are lacking sleep time, and it will also wake you up at the right time.


  • Create a sleep goal and achieve it.
  • Set a song that wakes you up at the right time.
  • Discover your sleep pattern and quality.
  • Get your sleep stats and records.


AskMD is a free Apple Watch app for great health.

Some of the things the app hopes to help you achieve include:

  • Know whether you have a health problem or not.
  • Locate medical professionals that can treat your health issue.
  • Automatically contact emergency health centres in the case of a critical health situation.
  • Save your results and health information for doctors.
  • Save your medical records to easily track your health data.

Apple Watch apps for social media

Image contains a few of the top free apple watch apps for social media

We have also compiled a list of some really good social media apps for your device.

Facebook Messenger app

Messenger secures the top spot for the most popular social networking app.

You can use this free app to keep in touch with friends on the go. Send text messages, share videos and photos, make or receive payments, play awesome games with friends, and engage in group voice or video calls.

You can also share your reaction and location to friends.

It is an awesome app for your Apple Watch.


WeChat is a free and popular social network platform where you can communicate with friends via texting, or through a voice or video call.

Check out some of the features of this app below:

  • Play cool games with friends.
  • Send and receive money.
  • Read local and international news.
  • Share your real-time location with friends.
  • Upload your favourite moments.
  • Install mini-apps in WeChat.
  • Access a wide variety of stickers.


Viber is a free app that lets you text your friends as well as call them via a voice or video call.

This app is one of the most popular apps in the world due to the features it has.

Check out some of those features below:

  • Communicate with friends through text for free.
  • Create or join a group chat and keep in touch with your friends.
  • Call your friends on voice or video for free.
  • Make use of GIFs and cool stickers in messages.
  • Chats are secure and encrypted.


LINE hopes to bring you closer to friends and family by providing free texts and calls service.

The app has several free features that enhance communication between users on the platform.

Some of the features are:

  • Start a group call with up to 200 people.
  • Store and share your messages with contacts.
  • Make calls for free.
  • Make a post or react to your friend’s post.
  • Connect to other apps on LINE for entertainment.
  • Keep in touch with your favourite public figures and organisations.

Apple Watch apps for Travel

photo of a plane traveling over some of the top travel destinations in the world

If you are a travel hobbyist then you will surely like our compilation of the best free Apple Watch apps that will enhance your travel experience.


Uber is a free travel app that connects you easily with rides.

No matter where you are in the world, you can request for transport if you are totally not familiar with the place, or your destination is quite a distance.

Uber payments are made with credit cards or cash in selected cities, but you can also make payments directly on the app.

Hilton Honors (Hotel Booker)

This free app gives you thousands of options for hotels around the world.

You can book resorts or rooms right from your Apple Watch using this app.

The app provides the best luxury for your next travel especially if you are travelling for the very first time to a new destination.

The app also provides discounts and points that you can use for your next travel in order to reduce your costs.

Yelp (Food and Services)

Yelp is a free app that lets you discover the best place for you to eat, drink, party, explore and relax.

Check out some of the best features below:

  • Easily locate restaurants near you using recommendation feature.
  • Filter locations you want to explore.
  • Find professionals and services nearby easily.
  • Book quality salons and businesses.


Apple Watch is a great device that should make your life easier.

The iOS AppStore has thousands of apps, but we have scraped out some really helpful ones for you.

These apps are for everyone including, young teens, adults and seniors.

Get a better sleep quality, keep in touch with friends and family, travel around the world with ease, or maintain your entertainment with these quality apps.

I hope that our recommended list of free Apple Watch apps will help you get the best out of your device.

These apps are compatible with Apple Watch Series 1,2,3 and 4. You only have to update your OS to meet the requirements of each app.

Did we miss an app or do you have a question?

Please leave a comment below and we will keep in touch with you.

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Please share it to your friends on social media and we will keep producing more excellent posts.

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