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Youtube Downloaders For Android | How to Use

Downloading Youtube videos to your Android Phone is actually straightforward.

If you want to download Youtube videos to your Android phone then you need an online or offline Youtube downloader for Android that gets the job done efficiently.

Youtube is the largest streaming website in the world.

The videos on Youtube are published every day by really good content creators.

And it is free!

Isn’t that why we all love Youtube?

There is a video for every age on Youtube, ranging from entertainment, sports, comedy, academics, history and gaming.

But here is the catch!

You can stream videos in every resolution and also watch videos in virtual reality or 360.

But hey,

note that this can vary from video to video because of the technology the content creator may have used in making the content.

I guess this is the reason why we need to save some of the awesome content on Youtube to our Android mobile phone

either before it gets taken down for some reason,

or if we cannot guarantee an internet connection every time.

Before I begin the list,

please note that Youtube has a strict policy regarding downloads.

But no worries! The list of free apps below should download any Youtube video to your mobile phone for free.

Let’s check them out!

1. SnapTube

Snaptube logo on a red background

The Snaptube is a free online Youtube downloader app with a clean and user-friendly interface.

Here is what I mean: it sorts out popular websites, videos on that websites and the categories those videos belong to.

You can also search Youtube for content directly from the app.

How fast is this app?

It lets you download videos from Youtube very fast depending on your network speed. You can also select any resolution of your choice.

Once you download any video, it is saved to any folder of your choice on your mobile phone.

Features of Snaptube

  • You can search for videos.
  • It is safe and free to use.
  • You can download videos in different resolutions.
  • You can download your content as an mp3 file.

Want to download videos?

Download and install the Snaptube app and click on the Youtube icon on the homepage.

Search for a video you will like to download using the search bar in the app. Once you see the video, click on it and select the video resolution of your choice.

Your video should be downloading!

Need the Snaptube APK?

Get it on the Snaptube official website.

2. TubeMate Youtube Downloader For Android

tubemate and youtube icon on a light green background

TubeMate is another fast app that downloads your favourite Youtube content to your mobile device.

Want to know something cool?

It can also download your best Facebook videos.

The interface is also user-friendly with a search feature to access your favourite videos on the web.

Features of TubeMate

  • You can download multiple Youtube videos at once.
  • It is very easy to cancel, pause or resume an ongoing download.
  • You can choose a location to download your videos to.
  • It supports downloads of video files in audio format.

How do you use the app?

Open TubeMate and select your streaming platform, which in this case is Youtube.

Search for the video you want to download and click on it once you find it on the search results page.

Select the resolution of the video and click on the download button.

Your download should be ready!

Download TubeMate mobile app

3. InsTube Youtube Mobile Downloader

Instube logo

InsTube is a fast video downloader that supports several video platforms apart from Youtube.

You can download any video at any resolution of your choice.

But here is the catch!

It is highly easy to customize and hide private videos with this downloader.

Features of InsTube

  • It can play video and music files.
  • Supports download of videos in ultrahigh and 4K resolution.
  • It has an inbuilt web browser.
  • The advanced downloader engine maximizes video download speed.
  • It has a video locker tool that can essentially hide your private videos.

How to use InsTube?

Launch the app and search for your video.

Once you find it, select it and click on the fast download button.

Your video should be ready in a matter of seconds!

Download InsTube for free.

4. NewPipe Youtube Downloader For Android

newpipe logo on a grey background

NewPipe is a free-to-use downloader with unique features.

But the best thing about this app?

You can watch and download Youtube videos on this app without annoying ads.

Everyone hates ads. But that is not all just yet!

NewPipe also supports playing Youtube Music in the background, a pro feature of Youtube which you will be getting for free after downloading the app.

Features of NewPipe

  • Supports multiple video quality.
  • Stream music in the background.
  • Search for video and audio files.
  • Stream and download Youtube videos without ads.

If you want to use this app, download it foremost and launch it.

Use the search bar to find your video and click on it once you find it.

Hit the download button and select your resolution.

Your download will begin automatically!

Download NewPipe APK

5. VidMate Youtube Downloader For Android

vidmate icon on a red background

VidMate is an awesome downloader with several features. It has an inbuilt internet browser along with several video categories.

What else?

The app downloads at a fast speed but still gives you an option to set a download speed that you prefer.


you can also set your download location, tweak your download settings and play music and video using the inbuilt player.

Below is a summary of the features.

VidMate Features

  • Clean and neat design that is user-friendly.
  • Inbuilt web browser, video and audio player.
  • Fast downloader.
  • A huge database of movies, shows and music.

Do you want to use VidMate? Follow the instructions below:

Download and install VidMate.

Then launch the app, use the search bar to search for your favourite show, movie or song.

Click on your content when you find it and hit the download button.

6. Videoder Youtube Downloader For Android

a text writeup of Videoder premium APK on a yellow background

Videoder is a premium Android app that lets you download your best videos from Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and other video hosting platforms.

Want to know a cool fact?

You don’t need to launch the app to use it.

You can also stream and download your video at a very fast speed with the option to select the resolution of your choice.

The downside of the app is the load of ads you get from using it.

But do I recommend it?


It is very neat and easy to use.

Features of Videoder

  • Download or stream videos from several popular platforms.
  • Fast speed downloader.
  • You can select multiple resolutions.
  • The app can work in the background.
  • Several themes, inbuilt video player and night mode.

Here’s how to use it:

Download the Videoder APK and install it.

Go to Youtube and search for a video of your choice.

Copy the link of the video and a popup should appear with a download button.

Hit the download button!

Please note that you can also paste the video link in the Videoder app to download the video.

7. YTD Video Downloader for Android

YTD downloader image

YTD app is a lite downloader app that gives you access to unlimited streaming platforms.

What else can you do with this Android Youtube downloader app?

You can make your playlist and arrange your best video and audio files.

Your private videos are also safe with the video lock feature that is built with the app.

Features of YTD Video app

  • The fast download of video and audio files.
  • Set password for your contents.
  • Create a playlist of your favourite video and audio files.
  • Unlimited access to streaming platforms.

It is easy to use this app.

Open your Youtube app and search for the video you wish to download.

Copy the link of the video once you find it.

What next?

Open the YTD app and paste the video link into the search bar, hit the search button.

A download option will pop-up, click on the download button or convert your video file to an audio file.

Download YTD video downloader

8. TubeX Video Downloader

TubeX Youtube Downloader For Android logo with a red background

Download video and audio files fast and easy with TubeX app.

There is also a list of resolution to download your video and audio.

Features of TubeX

  • Fast video and audio downloader for Youtube.
  • Lots of annoying ads.
  • Several video resolution options.
  • Quicksave to a storage device.

Using this app is also straightforward as the previous apps.

Download and install the app.

Find your video on Youtube and copy the video link.

Paste the link in the TubeX app and hit the download button.

Download TubeX here.

9. OGYoutube

OGyoutube downloader logo. Best Youtube Downloader For Android

OGYoutube downloader app is one of the best apps on this list.

Here’s why: This app surpasses the features of the regular Youtube app.

In other words,

it is just like Youtube but even better.

There are no ads, you can minimize your screen or play videos in the background and a built-in night theme.

Let’s summarize the features below.

Features of OGYoutube

  • The app is free of annoying ads and popups.
  • It is highly stable with support features.
  • You can stream videos in the background while using another app.
  • The night theme provides a dark mode.
  • You can download videos easily in any resolution or video quality.
  • The app has every regular Youtube feature.

It is easy to download Youtube video files using the app.

Download the OGYoutube app and run it. Open it and search for any video of your choice then hit the download button on the video when you find it.

10. KeepVid Youtube Downloader For Android

a logo of the keepvid Youtube Downloader For Android.

KeepVid app is an awesome app that gives you access to several streaming platforms and contents on the internet.

It is easy to download the video files in any resolution onto your storage device.

You can also customize the app very easily.

Features of KeepVid

  • Support multiple video resolutions.
  • Easy to customize with several features.
  • You can convert video files to audio format.
  • You can easily download one or multiple Youtube playlists.
  • Several streaming platforms available for video files.

It is easy to use this app.

Download and install KeepVid.

Open the app and select the Youtube tab, then search for any video of your choice.

Select the video file and hit the download button that popup.

Your video will download to your storage device!

Final Words

Youtube has several contents that are made for every audience.


most of the contents on Youtube have high quality and are very interesting.

The apps above are the best Youtube video downloader for Android in 2019.

Each of the APK supports a fast and free download of Youtube videos.


this article in no way endorses hacking of any sort and is solely for educational purposes.

Do you like the apps above?

Let us know any additions you have in the comment box below.

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