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How to Defragment a Windows 8 Computer

Defragging your Windows 8 can help maintain the hard disk of your PC. This tutorial covers every step that is necessary to defrag Windows 8.

The benefits of hard drive defragmentation include the speeding up of your Windows 8, improvement in the load times of applications on your system, and the extension of the lifetime of your hard disk drive.

1. Open Defrag Settings

The first thing you have to do is launch the defragmentation settings. You can do this from the Windows 8 desktop by moving the mouse cursor over to the right side of the screen to open the charms menu.

Select and click the search icon from the menu, then tap on settings on the following screen. Input “defrag” into the search bar. Your computer will try to find the best options to display based on your search keyword. Click on the defragment and optimize your drives option to open the settings.

defragment and optimize your windows 8 drive

2. Analyze the drive(s)

After you open the defrag settings on your Windows 8 PC, there should be a menu on the desktop screen that lets you optimize the drives on your system. Select the drive of your choice by clicking on it, then hit the analyze option beneath it.

analyze windows 8 hard disk drive

Windows 8 will try to determine if your drive needs optimization or not. You can analyze multiple drives on your computer.

3. Optimize the drive

If your drives do need to have a maintenance, then Windows 8 will prompt you to optimize it.

To easily get the disk maintenance done, click on the optimize button that is right beside the analyze button to begin the disk defragmentation process.

optimize windows 8 drive

The defragmentation and disk optimization process will take some time to complete; therefore, you need to be patient while the maintenance is on-going. Once it is done, you will be notified.

Windows 8

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