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How To Do a Split-view On a Mac OS

Splitting the screen on your Mac computer gives you the benefit of multitasking with ease within a single view. In other words, the split-screen feature enables you to use two apps or view two environments at once on your Mac.

You can handle multiple projects on different windows at once on a full screen, without the stress of switching windows every single time; when you do a split view on your computer.

This feature is very helpful, especially to programming, formal study, accounting, data analysis, or any other task that require multiple screens.

The benefits of enabling the split-screen feature include time-saving, reduction in distractions and improved concentration.

example of split-view on mac
An excellent example of what a split-screen looks like on Mac.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to effectively do a split-screen on a Macbook laptop or desktop computer.

1. Click on the Split-screen button

The first thing you have to do is launch an app on your computer, then on the top left corner of the app window, click on the split-screen button.

the split-screen icon on a safari window
The split view icon is usually green.

2. Place the window on either side of the screen

Pressing the green split-screen icon will shrink the screen into two portions. Move the current app window into either side of the screen.

Once you do that, your screen should be divided into two halves with each displaying separate windows.

example of a Mac splitview
The window your app is currently active on (left) and another window with resized apps (right).

3. Launch another application

On the screen right beside where you placed the first app, tap on an app to launch it, and it will resize to fill the size of the second window.

split screen view on mac

You can then view both windows side-by-side on the same screen.

4. Switching app windows or sides

To change the location of a window, press and hold down on that window then drag it to the opposite side of the screen.

switching window sides on splitview

5. Resizing window width

To give more app screen width, hold the mouse cursor on the mid-vertical line and move it towards the opposite window.

resizing split windows on mac

6. Exiting Split-view

If you wish to return to the regular desktop view:

  • Swipe up using four fingers on the Mac mousepad to launch mission control.
  • On the top left of the screen, select Desktop and then click the expand icon (usually represented by two arrows heading inward) to return to the single desktop view.
exist splitview on mac
Mission control screen showing active windows at the top.

Following the steps above will help you to activate split-screen on Mac, swap the windows, resize each app screen, and exit the split-view.


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