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How to Earn Free Google Play Codes in 2019 | Redeem Store Credit

Do you want to earn free Google Play codes and credits?

I am very certain that you do!

In this article, I will be showing you the steps I took that gave me lots of free Google Play gift cards.

Warning: By following the legal hack methods in this tutorial, you will get free codes to redeem on the Playstore.

Excited already?

Well, I totally understand!

The thing is that Google Play has millions of apps and games.

I think it has to be the world’s biggest mobile store.

Most of the contents on the store are free,

but many apps and games are paid: meaning that we cannot download them for free.

Some of the free apps and games on the Playstore also have downloadable content or DLC for short.

DLC is that extra content that we have to pay for. That’s how most developers make their money; apart from adverts of course.

However, let’s not go deep into the business aspect.

The main point is that if you get a free android game from the app store,

chances are you will have to pay money at some point.

This money will either give you access to certain features of the app

or grant you an advantage of beating the game.

Even some games or apps that require you pay before downloading will still have DLC that you will have to purchase separately.

There are many people however that will never want to pay real money for an Android app or game,

talk more of even paying for a DLC.

Are you one of those people or not?

Either way, you get to save your money and still get the best out of apps and games on the Google Playstore.

Google Play Codes | What are those?

six google play gift credits aligned

Google introduced gift cards to replace regular credit or debit cards for transactions on the app store.

Indeed that was a good decision!

It minimized the risks of your bank details falling into the wrong hands.

Hence, the codes that are on underneath scratch portion of the gift cards

are actually secure credits that you can use to make purchases on the Android store.

Important note: you can still make purchases on the store using your bank details or you can choose the secure method of using Playstore codes.

What can you buy with Google Play Codes?

You can buy anything on the app store, including books, movies, music, apps, games and many more.

You can also pay for DLC on certain contents like apps, games, movies or books that use Google Play channel for payment.

Hence, you may not be able to redeem Playstore credits on games or apps that have third party payment channels; even if you had downloaded them from the app store.

Benefits of using Playstore gift cards

Do you want to know the advantages of using app store credits?

Check it out below:

  • It is very secure and reduces the risk of online credit card fraud.
  • You can purchase premium apps, games, books and other contents from the Playstore.
  • It has no expiry date, hence it can be stacked for a long time.
  • Using it to pay for contents on the store is fast and efficient.

Methods of getting free Google Play Codes

So this is the real deal! Are you ready to finally earn some Playstore credits?

The methods I will be revealing to you are legal and rewarding.

Hence, there is also no risk involved.

You won’t have to use code generators that are absolutely scam.

Although, the only requirement though will be your time and effort.

You will have to invest both factors if you want to get Free Google Play credits for your favourite contents.

Register for Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards. Answer surveys and earn Google Play credits.

This app was created by the Google survey team to reward users who are willing to dedicate some minutes weekly to answer certain questions.

For instance, you can participate in surveys that help Google understand how to serve you better and get free Playstore codes.

It’s a win-win situation!

I personally use this app during my leisure time.

As a result, trust me when I say that the questions are quick and relevant.

Download the app now to start earning free credits.

Sign up for GPlayReward

Earn free Google Play gift card codes

It is a 24/7 service that connects brands and users.

Brands are willing to pay you for surveys in exchange for you to review and improve their products.

Advertisers also use this platform to reward users, like you and I, for learning about their products and services.

But it is not just about taking surveys to earn credits and bonus.

You can also watch videos or browse the GPlayReward website to earn free points.

Follow the steps below to start earning:

  • Sign up on their website (you do not need to set a password).
  • Download Android apps or participate in surveys and offers to gain free points.
  • You can convert your points to free Google Play Codes.

Join Swagbucks to earn free Google Play credits

Swagbucks free Google Play codes generator

Swagbucks rewards users for simply taking surveys, playing games, watching videos or using the platform’s search engine.

You can also use the app to shop and get discounts as SB points that can be redeemed.

Once you accumulate enough SB points, then you can convert the points to Playstore codes.

Follow the steps below to start earning:

  • Go to Swagbucks official website and sign up for a free account. You have to make sure that Swagbucks is available in your country.
  • Start watching videos, shopping, searching the web or playing games to earn free SB points.
  • Converts your SB points to Google Play Credits and redeem to buy apps and games on the app store.

Download AppNana to start earning

Earn credits with awesome apps and games you play each time.

AppNana rewards you with free points for downloading and using free games and apps.

Download the app and register to get Nana points that you can redeem within AppNana.

Follow the steps below to start earning free Nana:

  • Download AppNana on your mobile phone.
  • Get games and apps, refer friends to earn free Nana points.
  • Open the app every day for extra Nana points.
  • Convert your Nana to credits that you can redeem on the App store.
  • Download paid apps and games on AppNana store using your Nana points.

Register for FeaturePoints for free codes


FeaturePoints pays you to simply shop at your favourite online stores.

For instance, you can earn points by answering quick and easy survey questions.

Download free apps and games to earn more points or refer your friends for additional bonuses.

Points can be redeemed as credits for app store purchases.

Start earning using the steps below:

  • Register on FeaturePoints for a free account.
  • Download your favourite games and apps.
  • Complete simple surveys.
  • Shop at your best online stores to get cashback discounts.
  • Earn free points.
  • Convert your points to Google Play credits and download premium apps and games.

How to redeem Google Play codes

How to redeem Google Play gift card on android phone or computer

You will need to start redeeming your Playstore Giftcards and credits once you start earning.

The procedure is very simple and quick.

  • Open the Google Play app.
  • Search for your desired app or game on the store.
  • Open the app or game and click on the buy button.
  • Select the gift card option as your payment method.
  • Enter the code to redeem.
  • Your download should begin.


I hope you get free Google play codes that work using this tutorial.

There several methods to earn credits that can be redeemed on the app store for premium content.

You don’t need to buy gift cards any longer.

Furthermore, stay away from illegal hacks and online code generators; they are simply spammy and never effective.

If you have further questions or comments then please send us a message in the comment section and we will get back to you.

Do not forget to share this working tutorial to your friends on social media.

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