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How to Receive iMessage on Windows 10 PC

Do you want to know how to get iMessage on your Windows 10 PC?

This tutorial is for you!

Let’s begin with a frequently asked question.

Can you get iMessage on PC?

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iMessage is Apple’s messenger app. It is just like other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, FB messenger, but, it only works on iOS devices.

Depending on what your preferences are, some people prefer iMessage to other messaging apps; probably because that’s what their friends use.

There is a downside.

Apple messenger is not directly available for Windows 10 unless you find a way around it.

The good news is that there is a solution.

Furthermore, you can use this excellent messaging app without jailbreaking your iOS device.

How to install iMessage on PC

Since there is no direct way to get this Apple messenger app running on Windows 10, we will be following an alternative process that involves setting up a Mac, an iPhone device, and a Windows machine.

Setting up your iPhone

1. Open the Settings app

Launch the settings menu on your mobile phone, and click on your Apple account.

2. Select iCloud

On the following page, click on the iCloud option.

3. Turn on the messages option

From the list of options on the next screen, toggle on the message option.

enable messages on icloud

Getting your Mac ready

1. Log in to iMessage on your Mac

On the desktop screen, open the iMessage app on your Mac then log in to your account using your account details.

On the messages menu bar, find the messages option and click on it.

2. Set app preferences

You will be prompted with some options on the screen, click on the preferences option.

The following screen has some tabs, click on iMessage.

There should be two options:

  • Enable this account.
  • Enable messages in iCloud.

Make sure you tick both options.

6. Verify your email address and mobile number

Connect your email and mobile number to your iMessage by verifying them.

7. Select a preferred texting medium

There is a field at the bottom of the screen that gives you the option to start texting using your mobile number or email address. Enter your preferred medium.

8. Sync

Hit the Sync now button on the top right of the screen.

enable messages on Mac

Connecting Google Chrome

Setting up Chrome remote extension On Mac

1. Download Chrome browser

Open the web browser on your Mac and download Google chrome.

2. Install the remote desktop extension

Set up a chrome account, then install the remote desktop extension. It is an official Google extension.

3. Launch the remote desktop extension

Start the remote extension app on your Mac and click on the get started option. You can find this option after you click on my computers tab.

4. Install remote desktop host

Tap on enable remote connections. There will be a pop-up with the option to download chrome remote desktop host installer. Click on the Accept and Install button.

The installer will start running, and you will be prompted with options on the screen. Follow the installer instructions.

5. Enable remote connections

Once the installation is completed, open the remote desktop app and tap on the enable remote connections button.

6. Set a login pin

Create a login pin for your device. Remote connections should be active once that’s done.

remote connections enabled on Mac

Setting up Chrome remote extension on Windows

1. Download Chrome web browser

Open the web browser on your Windows PC and download Google chrome.

2. Log in to the Chrome browser and install the remote desktop extension

Login to chrome with the user profile you created during the Mac setup, and install the remote desktop extension on your Windows.

3. Launch the extension

Run the extension on your PC, and locate my computers tab, tap on the get started.

4. Find a nearby host machine

There will be a list of nearby host machines; we made the Mac our host computer in the previous procedure, ensure that your Mac is active then select it from the device list.

5. Enter the access pin to connect

Enter the pin code you created on the Mac into the Windows connection page, and you should be paired with your Mac remote connection.

chrome remote connection windows 10

Using iMessage on PC

The setup above should start a stream between your Mac and Windows PC.

The remote connection ensures that you will be able to operate your Mac right from your Windows 10.

Launch the iMessage app from your Windows machine to start texting.


It is easy to get iMessage on a PC without an iOS jailbreak by following proper steps.

If you have any questions or contributions, then leave a comment below, and we will be right with you.

iMessage Windows 10

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