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How to disable the Taskbar in Windows 10

Do you want to know how to hide the taskbar in Windows 10?

I bet you do!

In this article, you will learn the straightforward process to follow if you want to hide or disable your taskbar.

Why should you hide the taskbar?

While the taskbar seems to be useful, it just seems to cause distractions or take up screen space for the rest of the time.

Whether you are playing your favourite game, streaming a youtube video in fullscreen, working on a document or surfing the web on chrome browser, it is essential to maximize your screen for a full experience.

How does taskbar autohide work?

Autohiding the Windows taskbar has been a feature for a while since the Vista days.
It permanently disables the taskbar area when it is inactive, and then enables it when you bring a mouse close to the area.
This feature saves enough screen space for users on smaller screens.

How to hide the taskbar

Follow the step-by-step method below to disable the Windows 10 taskbar altogether.

1. Click on the taskbar

Right-click on the taskbar. Ensure to click on a space and not on any icons.

2. Select taskbar settings

There will be a menu of options. Select taskbar settings option from the list.

taskbar drop-down options

3. Click on taskbar options

The following interface is the personalization page, which has some settings page. Scroll to the bottom and hit the taskbar option.

personalization page

4. Hide the taskbar

The taskbar page has a list of options. Turn on the automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode option. Also, toggle on the automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode if you can use your PC as a tablet.

taskbar setting page

5. Close the Settings app

Close the settings page.

The taskbar would be disabled at this time until you scroll the mouse pointer over to the area.


That’s all you need to do to disable the taskbar on Windows 10 fully.

If you have a challenge, question, contribution, or if the taskbar won’t disappear, then leave a comment below.

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