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How to Install Durex Build on Kodi

Kodi builds add-ons upgrade the capabilities of Kodi on your TV. After installing Kodi on your Android TV, you should download, install and set up a build plugin to get more streaming options.

In thIs tutorial, You will learn how to install Durex build on Kodi.

1. Launch Kodi on your TV

On your TV home screen, select the Kodi tile, then click on it to launch.

launch kodi from the home screen

2. Open the Settings Page

On the settings screen, select the System settings option from the list.

open system settings on kodi

3. Turn on Install Add-on from Unknown Sources

After opening the System settings page, select the addons tab and enable installation from Unknown sources.

enable installation from unknown sources on Kodi

4. Create an Add-ons Source

The next thing you will have to do is go back to the settings page and then select the file manager option from the list of settings.

On the following screen, click on Add source and then click on the None option to open an input field.

Enter the following URL in the field: Hit the Okay button to save and return to the previous screen. Enter any source name of your choice, then save it. You can also save the source name as Durex.

input durex build source url and name

5. Download the Durex build Plugin

Return to the Kodi main screen and click on add-ons. Tap on the box icon at the top of the screen to open the add-ons install screen.

click on the box icon to install the build

From the list of options on that screen, select install from zip file.

install build from zip file

On the pop-up, select the name of the source you had saved in the previous step. Mine is Durex.

select durex build

There should be another pop-up; click on the first option that begins with “plugin“.

select the plugin location

Wait for a few minutes for the download. Once the download is done, the Durex build installer wizard will start downloading and installing the add-on’s repo to your Android TV box.

downloading kodi build repo to android tv

After the download is done, you should see a Durex wizard pop-up. Click on dismiss to close the pop-up.

dismiss the durex wizard

There should be another pop-up with some add-on settings. You can either click Continue to proceed with the default settings, or you can tick on options you want to select.

durex build launch options

6. Launch the Durex Build Menu

The Durex wizard should present a pop-up, click on the Build menu option on that pop-up.

open the durex build menu

7. Select an installation server

On the build menu, select a server from the list of servers on the screen to install the Durex add-on.

Generally, any server works, but if one server is too slow, then you can try another.

select a server to install durex on kodi

8. Do a Fresh Install of the build

On the following screen, select the option to do a fresh install. Opting for that option will erase every previous Durex build on your Android box and replace it with a new update.

fresh install durex build on android tv box

Confirm the install and wait for some few minutes for it to complete. Force restart Kodi afterwards.

9. Launch Kodi Again

Relaunch Kodi from the home screen of your Android box, and the build should be ready. Make yourself comfortable with the layout if it is your first-time installation.

Durex build home screen

Also, give the Durex build at least half an hour to load every necessary update and settings since it is the first time you are launching it on your TV.

You can, of course, begin to stream your favourite shows, movies, sports, and documentaries.

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