Adsense Code Parser – Online HTML to XML Converter

The Online HMTL to XML tool lets you convert HTML codes to XML. Our parser can also convert HTML Adsense code to XML; which Blogger templates support.

Also, you can minify HTML templates to XML for Blogspot or any other purpose.

Why should You Convert Adsense Code For Use on Blogspot?

HTML codes are human-readable, while XML is both machine and human-readable. XML files take up less storage space than HTML files. Blogger templates, as well as other Blogspot resources only support XML format.

If you ever try to paste an Adsense code into a blogger template, you will most likely end up with an error.

To fix that error, convert the HTML code to XML and then copy and paste it back to your template.

How to use the HTML to XML Parser tool

Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Copy and paste the HTML code (Adsense or any other code) into the box below. You can also write your code directly in the box.
  • Click the “Parse HTML” buttonĀ and let the tool automatically convert your code to XML. The process is usually instant.
  • Copy the XML code from the box below and paste it in the blogger template or use it anywhere else.

HTML Parser

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