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How To Turn Off Siri Suggestions on Your iOS Device

Siri is a smart iOS assistant with a powerful A.I technology, but if you feel that it disturbs you frequently, then you can mute it or disable it entirely.

What is Siri the suggestion feature?

It is a feature Apple launched during iOS 9. Since then, Siri can give recommendations about apps or remind you about something important.

How does it work?

Siri gets data on how you use your iOS device, then uses the data to suggest apps that you may find useful, or remind you about an upcoming event.

The recommendations can display on your lock screen, notification, or search bar.

How to remove Siri suggestions

Disable on Mac

1. Open the Menu page

Start the Apple menu page.

2. Click System preferences

Select the system preferences option.

3. Select Siri

Tap the Siri option, and the Siri preferences option will open.

4. Click on the on-screen option

The following page will have the Siri Suggestions and privacy, or about Siri & privacy, click either once that’s displayed on the screen.

5. Pick the apps for Siri suggestions

Select the apps that you want recommendations for.

turn off siri on mac

Disable on the lock screen, look up and search

Siri can make recommendations on the lock screen, search bar, or on the lookup screen.

However, you can disable this feature on each of those pages.

1. Open the settings app

Go to Settings on your device. Scroll to Siri and search.

2. Select Siri suggestions

Scroll to Siri suggestions. There should be up to three options under this section.

Suggestions in:

  • Search.
  • Look Up.
  • Lock Screen.

3. Disable the options

Toggle the switch next to each option to disable the feature.

stop siri suggestions on iPhone

Disable the recommendation widget

There is a widget on iPhone that displays daily information and services.

Siri displays suggestions on this widget.

Learn how to disable it below.

1. Open the widgets screen

On your home page, keep swiping to the right until you see a screen with widgets.

2. Edit widget options

Head to the bottom of the page and click on the edit button.

3. Find Siri suggestions on the widget settings page

You’ll see a list of options, find Siri suggestions. Hit the red minus icon to disable it.

4. Confirm the changes

Click on done to confirm the changes.

disable siri suggestions on today widget

Stop seeing app suggestions

You can stop Siri from recommending individual apps, especially if you want to maintain the suggestion feature on lock screen or search bar.

1. Launch the Settings app

Open the settings page on your smartphone and scroll to Siri and search.

2. Open the app screen

Scroll to the app section, then select the specific app that you wish to turn off Siri suggestions.

3. Turn the feature off for each app

Toggle the suggestion feature off.

disable siri app suggestions


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