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How to Reboot Apple Watch

Restarting your Apple Watch can fix issues with the device. In this tutorial, you will learn how to reboot or force restart your iWatch; when the device becomes laggy or unresponsive.

NOTE: By following the procedures below, you will be able to fix an Apple Watch that is either not responding or displaying correctly. This tutorial is useful for Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Follow the steps below to restart your iWatch when it is glitchy or when you need to perform a reboot.

Performing a normal reboot

This is the effective step-by-step method to restart an iWatch normally. This is not a force restart and rebooting your Watch can be helpful if you want to perform a regular restart.

1. Hold down the side button

Press and hold down the side button on the Apple Watch for some few seconds. The side button is below the digital crown on the right side of the Watch.

hold down the side button on apple watch to power off

2. Power off the iWatch

Holding down the side button should bring up the power menu. On the list of options on the menu, touch the power off option on the screen, then swipe to the right to shut down the device.

power off your apple watch

3. Turn on the Apple Watch

Once the shut down is complete, you will have to hold the side button again for some few seconds to turn on the Watch.

power on your apple watch to reboot it

The device should start restarting afterwards. You can tell that a reboot is going on because of the Apple logo, which is reasonably visible on the screen.

apple watch restarting

Force Restarting an Apple Watch

You should only force restart your Watch if a regular reboot fails. Restarting your Watch normally would not be valid if the device is very laggy or it is not responding.

NOTE: Force restarting your device will turn it off and on instantly. You will not see the power menu, and there will not be a need to swipe the power off option.

Hold down the side and digital crown button

Instead of holding down the side button alone, performing a force restart requires you to hold down both the side and digital crown button. Both buttons are located on the right side of the Apple Watch.

hold down the side and digital crown button

Keep holding onto the buttons. Don’t let go of both buttons until the device restarts with a visible Apple logo on the screen.

apple watch is restarting with apple logo

The Apple logo on the screen of the Apple Watch indicates a successful device restart.

Following the procedures above is all you have to do to restart or fix any Apple Watch that is not responding.

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