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How To Root Bluestacks With BsTweaker

I bet you want to root Bluestacks!

In case you are totally new to this software,

it is a very popular Android emulator that you can install on your Windows computer or Mac OS.

The benefit of Bluestacks App Player for PC

Many of us had hopes in the past of using our favourite apps on PC when we did not have easy access to our mobile phones.

Either some of us were probably in school or at our workplace.

Though, we soon began to discover the fact that our PC could not run Android Apps and games.

That did hurt feelings!

However, as time went on, human knowledge led to innovations.

Innovations evolve daily!

And the good thing is: technology evolves with it too.

Bluestacks Android emulator became a reality in 2011.

The goal of this Android App player was to allow Multi-OS users, like you and I, to access our best Android Apps or play our favourite Android games without our Android phone.

There are many benefits to having this emulator on your PC

and we shall be covering it below.

  • It is an app player that runs almost every Android application package.
  • You can play your best Android games on a bigger display.
  • PC inputs are compatible with this emulator to get things done quickly.
  • It supports flex laptops with a touchscreen feature. This gives a classy tablet feel.

In case you do not have the App player, download the BlueStacks emulator here.

Features of a rooted Bluestacks

There are many benefits of using Bluestacks,

but there are way more benefits of using a hacked Bluestacks App player.

You will learn how to easily and quickly root your Bluestacks emulator using the Bluestacks tweaker.

But before then,

I think it is necessary to know the features of the Bluestacks rooted emulator for PC.

  • You can play 3D games.
  • Sync your data from Android to PC.
  • Supports internet connectivity feature.
  • Ability to fully customize the graphical interface.
  • You can transfer your data from your Android phone to your PC and store it as a backup.
  • Full access to emulator features and settings.

How to root BlueStacks App player

root BS app player 100% working guide to root any bluestacks version

There are multiple ways to root your emulator,

and I will discuss them below.

Please note that this guide is solely for educational purposes and I do not encourage illegal hacking or cracking.

If you want to successfully tweak your Bluestacks emulator then I strongly suggest you strictly follow the steps below.

Let’s get started!

Root BlueStacks using BsTweaker tool

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to root your Android emulator using BsTweaker.

1. Download BsTweaker

Download BsTweaker tool onto your Windows PC or Mac OS. This is the latest version that contains the Superuser APK file.

2. Install BsTweaker

Open the location you downloaded BsTweaker to and extract the file into any location of your choice.

3. Launch the BsTweaker tool

Locate the BsTweaker software and run it as administrator. Once you open it, locate the main tab.

4. Adjust the BSTweaker settings

There are several options on the main tab. Click on the force kill BS option. Allow the two indicators at the top of the page to show a red colour.

Click the helpers’ tab. There are some options on this page as well. Click the unblock option to enable your BlueStacks for root.

Click on the main tab again. This time, you have to click on the start BS option. Head over to the helpers’ tab when BS starts running and then click on the patch option. Your BlueStacks has now been hacked.

5. Launch the Bluestacks software

Open your BS software and then tap on the APK tab on the sidebar. This should load every available APK on your system. If you cannot find any BlueStacks App then I suggest you check another location within your PC.

6. Install Superuser

Find and select the Superuser APK file you downloaded earlier. Install it.

Once the installation is done, run the Superuser as an expert user and select the normal mode option. Your BlueStacks should be fully rooted using the BsTweaker tool.

Hack BlueStacks using Kingroot App

Did you find the previous method quite complicated?

Then I promise this will be very easy!

Though they are both not difficult methods.

Below are the steps on how to root your BS Android emulator using Kingroot.

1. Download Kingroot to Bluestacks

Turn on your internet connection for this method. Download Kingroot App onto your PC. Run your BlueStacks emulator as admin. On the sidebar, find the APK tab and click on it.

2. Install and launch Kingroot on Bluestacks

Locate the Kingroot App you downloaded in the previous step. Install it onto your BS emulator. Run Kingroot once you install it.

3. Root Bluestacks

Hit the Try root button on the bottom of the page and the root process should begin.

You will have to wait for a few minutes for your BS emulator to fully root.

How to check BlueStacks emulator root status

It is very necessary that you confirm that your BS App player has been rooted.

It is easy to do this!

  • Open your BlueStacks App and open Google Playstore.
  • Connect your device to an internet network and download Android root check App.
  • Alternatively, you can download the App onto your PC and drag it into the BS emulator for installation.
  • Once you activate the root checker app, run it.
  • Grant the App every necessary permission then click on verify root access button.
  • It should take a while for the App to confirm that your device is rooted or not. Hopefully, it should be rooted.


Android is the world’s most popular OS with over two to three billion users worldwide.

It has many benefits and features that we all can’t stop loving.

I hope you learnt how to root BlueStacks with BSTweaker or Kingroot in this tutorial.

This guide should root Bluestacks 2, 3 or 4.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Please leave a comment below and I will send a response!

Do not forget to share this article with your buddies on social media.

Also, download PES 2019 iso for PPSSPP on your BS emulator.

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