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How to fix Spotify Web Player Error

Isn’t it just frustrating when your beloved Spotify web player refuses to play? Of course, it is!

You get back from work or school, head straight to your computer, open spotify, select your favourite playlist, and then

your Spotify web player fails to work.

With the level of popularity Spotify has, there are millions of users everywhere accessing the web player every day. This could probably be a good reason why you cannot make good use of it at times.

Or maybe not!

Well, Spotify, just like every other service out there is flawed,

and when your Spotify web player is not playing then it probably means you should search for a quick solution.

Fortunately, we have your solution.

Or at least, something that is bound to work for you!

We have tried our very best to compile a possible list of things you can do to get your web player unblocked on firefox, google chrome, opera or any browser.

But hey,

it will be fine at the end of this tutorial.

One request though,

follow all instructions thoroughly.

Let’s get started!


spotifyweb player not working with an error occurred message

It is very easy to unblock your Spotify web player and get your music playing.


but how?

I will start with the traditional method of fixing every web problem.


Of course, this works ninety percent of the time with every problem you encounter on a web application.

Here’s how to do it: irrespective of the browser, click on your browser settings, head over to privacy, select clear cache and click on the option.

Those bad and filthy bugs are gone for good.

But what if that procedure doesn’t work?

Let’s try something else!


This should fix your Spotify web player most of the time.

If your Spotify web player is still not working,

amid the first procedure,

then you may want to get your Spotify web player unblocked.

To do this, select one of your favourite albums, there is a three-dot icon next to it,

click the icon,

then copy the album link and paste it in another tab of your web browser.

This should get your web player back online and get you rolling to your music.

But this may fail ten-percent of the time as well.

Especially when the problem causing the issue is not related to the solution.

But no panic,

there is another solution.


This is similar to the first procedure

and your chances of success are equal in both cases.

Head over to your browser settings and then click on privacy,

but instead of clicking on “clear cache”,

Click on “clear browser cookies”.

Restart your browser or

delete all your previously opened browser tabs and open a new tab.

Login to Spotify and use the web player.

Did it work?

Awesome if it does!

Not so bad if it doesn’t. Do not give up just yet.

This last step has a hundred percent chance of success,

and that is why I reserved it for last.

“Saving the best for last!”


spotify menu with options to change connected devices

Chances are,

if your Spotify web player is not playing,

then the web player is confused about what device it should play on.

Especially when all your devices are connected to a network and logged in to Spotify on a web browser.

So what should you do to get your Spotify web player unblocked in this case?

It is easy.

Open your Spotify app on any of your devices and head over to the settings tab.

Once you get the settings tab to open,

select devices and a list of your devices connected should pop up.

Click on the device you want to use to listen to your music and select that device.

The next step is to click on the web player as your preferred option.

This, absolutely, should fix your Spotify web player!


Spotify, just like every company, will fail you at times when you need it most.

But this comprehensive guide I put together should get the trick done.

However, if your Spotify player is still not working after these procedures and you cannot get it to work,

then please leave a comment below

and I will get back to you.

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