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How to Stop Pop-ups On iPhone

In this tutorial, I will reveal to you the steps you can take in order to block annoying ads that pop on your screen.

Warning: By following the step by step instruction in this tutorial, you will successfully block every single piece of pop-up advert targeted at your device.

Getting pop-ups on iPhone? What are these annoying messages?

annoying popups on iphone

Chances are, we have all gotten those messages.

They could be: “You have won a free iPod“, “your iPhone has been infected with a virus, do not close the tab” or “spin the wheel for a thousand dollar gift“.

It is easy to realize that those are spam ads. In fact, they turn out most times to be a scam or a phishing attempt.

Many people have actually fallen victim to these sort of ads by clicking on the popup and entering their card details into the spam website. They do this either to claim their “free iPod” or to liberate their iPhone from a “web virus“.

Indeed the source of those spammy messages intends to scare or stir an excitement those who see it.

Offers attached to those ads are too good to be true.

There is no way to possibly get an Xbox for a dollar, neither is there a way to spin a wheel on a generic website to get a free car.

You could end up losing a lot if you fall for those cheap scams.

Or maybe you already have?!

I hope not!

virus has been detected on your iphone
Does a virus pop-up mean your iPhone has been hacked?

Absolutely not!
You could get a message that says: “virus has been detected on your iPhone“.
However, disregard this false alarm.
It is just a cheap attempt to trick you into entering your credit card information or downloading a spam app to your device.

Install an ad blocker to prevent pop-ups

adguard popups remover

Follow the steps below to stop annoying pop ads on your device using an adblocker app.

I recommend ADGuard blocker.

1. Download AdGuard app

Download and install AdGuard on your iOS device.

2. Find Safari in the Settings page

Open your settings page and scroll down to the Safari option. Click it.

3. Open content blockers

On the General tab, scroll down till you see the Content blockers option. Tap on it.

4. Toggle on each option

Toggle on each of the content blocker options on the page.

5. Reboot your iOS device

Restart your iPhone.

How to stop pop-ups on iPhone through the Safari Browser

safari alert! suspicious activity might have been detected

There multiple ways to stop getting fraudulent messages on the Safari web browser.

Apply this method when you get a pop-up that can’t close

1. Turn off your iPhone

Hold the power and home button of your iPhone for a few seconds to turn off your device.

2. Power on your iPhone

Power on your iOS device again by holding on the power button.

3. Launch Safari web browser

Open Safari browser, click on the Settings option.

4. Clear history and website data

In the new menu, go to the bottom of the page and click on clear history and website data.

5. Restart your iPhone

Reboot your iPhone and the misleading adverts should be gone for good.

How to permanently stop pop-ups on Safari

1. Launch the Settings app

Open the settings page on your iPhone.

2. Open the Safari option

Scroll down the page until you see the Safari option. Click it.

3. Block pop-ups

On the General tab, find the Block pop-ups option.

Tap it and it will toggle on.

4. Turn on the fraudulent website warning

Scroll down further to the Privacy and Security tab, then toggle on Fraudulent website warning.

How to remove pop-ups on Chrome browser

free iphone x congratulations

There are some ways to remove those annoying messages that show up on your device while you are on Chrome.

1. Launch Chrome browser

Open the Chrome web browser on your iPhone.

2. Open the app Settings

Click on the vertical three-dotted icon and then select the settings option.

3. Open website settings

Select the site settings option on the next page.

4. Edit pop-ups and website redirects

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Pop-ups and redirects option. Tap on it, then turn it off if the toggle is on.

You can also follow this alternative step:

1. Start the Chrome app

Open the Chrome browser.

2. Open Chrome settings

Tap on the vertical three-dotted icon and then select the settings option.

3. Select the Privacy option

Scroll down and click on Privacy option when you see it.

4. Clear browsing data

Scroll to the very bottom of the Privacy page and tap on Clear browsing data. Hit the Clear data button.

Last words

Pop-ups can be very annoying because they are irrelevant and spammy.

I recommend that you stay cool if you come across any of those spammy messages that cover your entire screen. Realize it is just another cheap attempt to excite or scare you.

We hope that you have learnt how to stop Pop-ups on iPhone using this tutorial.

If you have any concerns or contributions then please leave a comment below and we will send you a response.

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