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How to Sync or Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Mac

Syncing contacts or phone numbers from your iPhone to Macbook Pro or Air computer is effortless when you do it properly.

The primary benefit of synchronizing your contact list is the ease of having access to the contacts you store on your iPhone even without your mobile device; which, of course, can be very beneficial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly share or transfer phone numbers and other contact information from your iPhone mobile device to a Macbook desktop or laptop computer.

Sync the contacts via iCloud

This is the most efficient way to transfer your contacts from your iPhone or other iOS devices to Mac. Note that you do not need to connect your mobile device to the Macbook computer because the sync is wireless.

Follow the steps below to upload your contacts to your Mac from an iPhone.

On your iPhone

1. Open the Settings app

On the app drawer on your phone, launch the settings menu.

launch the settings app on iPhone

2. Click on your name

After opening the Settings app, click on your name at the very top of the screen to reveal your profile information screen.

click on name on the settings screen

3. Tap iCloud then toggle on Contacts

Upon opening the profile screen, navigate and click on the iCloud option.

Once the iCloud screen is open, you should be able to see the list of apps on your iPhone that uses it.

Scroll the Contacts and turn on the switch beside it.

select icloud then turn on contacts

You will be prompted with a pop-up. Click on merge on that pop-up confirmation to merge existing contacts on your device.

merge iPhone contacts

Your iPhone contacts will then be synchronized with the iCloud service.

On your Mac

1. Open System preferences

Launch the System preferences page from the desktop screen on your computer.

2. Select iCloud

From the list of options on the Settings screen, click on iCloud to open it and then log in to your iCloud account if necessary.

3. Use iCloud for contacts, calendars and bookmarks

On the first pop-up, check the option to use your iCloud service for contacts, calendars, and bookmarks. Click next when you are ready to proceed, and your contacts will be synced successfully to your Mac computer.

Sync the contacts using iTunes

You can also share the phone numbers to your Mac through the iTunes service.

1. Link your iPhone to the Mac using a USB cable

This method cannot be done by wireless means; hence, you will need to connect your iPhone to your computer using a lightning cable.

connect iPhone to Mac using USB cable

2. Launch iTunes on Mac

Find the iTunes app on your computer then tap on it to open.

3. Transfer the contacts to your Mac

Once the app opens, your iOS device should be recognized by iTunes. You will have to click on the phone icon at the top to unlock your iPhone information screen.

To correctly transfer the contacts from your iPhone to the computer, select info from the list of options on the screen, then check to tick the Sync contacts option at the right side of the screen. Hit the apply button afterwards to save.

transfer contacts from iphone to mac

It should take a little while for the sync to complete.

iPhone Mac

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