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How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Losing Data

Unlocking any Android Phone without the password is possible in some ways; in fact, you do not need to factory reset your mobile phone.

We’ve all forgotten our Phone password, pattern, or pin in the past.

Do not panic!

That can normally happen.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to unlock your Android Phone Password without data loss. In other words, you do not have to format your phone or tablet.

Following this tutorial can unlock Samsung, Nexus, HTC, and other Android phones.

There are ways in which you can quickly get this done. Follow the practical steps below.

How to Unlock Android Phone with Gmail

You can easily unlock your Android device with the Gmail account that was registered on it.

Note: For the steps to be effective, you must have a Gmail account that is already signed in to your Android phone.

You should also know the Gmail account username and password.

1. Enter a wrong pattern, pin or password multiple times

On the lock screen, keep entering random security combinations. It usually takes about five trials before you get a “too many trials” error message.

2. Select the option to unlock your phone using Google

After reaching the maximum trials for the phone’s security combination, you will get the opportunity to unlock your phone via a backup pin or using your Google account.

Depending on the brand of your smartphone, and the screen lock method, the option on the screen can also be: “forgot pattern“, “forgot pin” or “forgot password“.

Tap on any message recovery option that is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

unlock android phone using gmail account

3. Enter your Google account details

You will be prompt to log in to your phone using the Google account username and password that is registered on it. Carefully input every security information.

enter google account details to unlock android phone

4. Verify the screen lock settings

Entering the correct Google account details should sign you straight into your phone.

You should land on the screen lock settings page, but if you don’t, then manually open your settings page and navigate to security and location settings.

change screen lock settings on android phone

Change your screen lock settings to a security combination you can easily remember in the future.

How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern, Pin or Password lock without Gmail Account

If there is no registered Google account on your smartphone, then you should follow this alternative option.

It is a bit technical.

However, if you follow the steps correctly, then your Android phone should be unlocked without a factory reset that can result in data loss.

1. Turn off your Phone

Hold your power button, then follow the on-screen instructions to turn your device off.

2. Boot your smartphone into recovery mode

Some button combinations can boot your phone into recovery.

A typical combo is the “Power+volume up+home” button combination.

The buttons to press vary for each phone brand. Find the combination for your phone here.

android phone recovery options

3. Mount system

The recovery screen has a grid of options, click on the mount option, then on the next page tap on system and exit to the recovery screen.

4. Select Advanced settings

Tap on the Advanced option to open the settings page, click on file manager then navigate to the data folder, click on it, and on the following screen, tap on the system folder.

Find and delete these two files in the system folder.:

  • Gesture.key
    • Pattern unlock option.
  • Password.key
    • Password unlock option.

5. Reboot your Android phone

After deleting the screen lock files, navigate back to the recovery screen, then click on reboot and tap on the System option.

reboot android phone

After your smartphone boots, enter any pattern or password to unlock your phone.

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